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Espar Airtronic Air Heaters

Espar Climate Control System’s Airtronic air heaters operate like forced air furnaces. They utilize the vehicle’s own fuel and power supply to produce heat without idling the vehicle. Heaters operate quietly and cycle through four output levels to provide the optimum temperatures at all times. Units are suitable for a variety of applications but are especially well suited for cab and sleeper heat in class 8 trucks, workshop vehicles, and freight compartments. Airtronic heaters can also be easily combined with one of Espar’s specially designed controllers for maximum controls and heater function.

These air heaters are particularly suited to heating vehicle interiors and maintaining constant temperatures while parked or overnight. Since they heat the cabin or interior without being connected to the water circuit, the warm air reaches the interior of the vehicle with hardly any delay, quietly and with very low emissions. Espar air heaters are independent of both the engine and the vehicle’s own heat balance. These air heaters are not only an excellent solution for cab heaters, they work great for commercial vehicles of every type.

Low Mnt

Benefits of the Espar Airtronic Air Heater

            • Economical
            • Low fuel and power consumption
            • Integrated control unit
            • Easy to install and maintain
            • Built-in self-diagnostics
            • Highest heat output available in the market
            • Quick release cover for easy access to components for maintenance
            • EPA verified and CARB compliant for use anywhere in North America

Selecting the Air Heater

The heating output information provided refers to heating the interior of a cold vehicle to around 20°C in cold outside temperatures. If the heater only needs to maintain the existing temperature of the interior, less heating power is required. The heating outputs are only guide values. The exact heating requirement also depends on other environmental conditions (e.g. wind, materials, cabin walls, heating-air ducting, etc.).

Technical Data
Airtonic D2
Airtronic D2
Airtonic D4
Airtronic D4
Airtonic D5
Airtronic D5
Heat Output (kw/BTU) Boost
2.2 / 7500
1.8 / 6500
1.2 / 4100
0.85 / 2900
4.0 / 13650
3.0 / 10200
2.0 / 6800
0.9 / 3400
5.5 / 18800
4.8 / 16400
2.7 / 9200
1.2 / 4100
Fuel Consumption (L/hr/Gal/hr) Boost
0.28 / 0.07
0.23 / 0.06
0.15 / 0.04
0.10 / 0.02
0.51 / 0.13
0.38 / 0.10
0.25 / 0.07
0.11 / 0.03
0.66 / 0.17
0.58 / 0.15
0.34 / 0.09
0.15 / 0.04
Electrical Consumption at 12V (amps)
*24V model available
Weight (kg/lbs) 2.7 / 5.9 4.5 / 9.9 9.3 / 20

How the Airtronic Air Heater Works

How the Airtonic Air Heater Works

  1. Combustion air is conveyed to the combustion chamber by the fan motor and impeller.
  2. Fuel is drawn from the vehicle's tank.
  3. Fuel is conveyed to the combustion chamber by the metering pump.
  4. The glow element (filament glow plug from 5 kW) vaporizes this fuel as it enters the combustion chamber and creates a combustible fuel-air mix with the combustion air.
  5. The resulting flame formation switches off the glow element (or filament glow plug), transfers the heat to the heating air via the convector, and diverts exhaust gas via the exhaust silencer.
  6. The fan motor and heating-air impeller convey cool air to the heater, where it is warmed by the convector and then blown into the vehicle interior.

The combustion air from the environment and the fuel from the vehicle tank are mixed and ignited in the combustion chamber. Fresh or recirculated air is heated by the thermal energy and fed into the cab.

Manuals & Brochures

Operation & Maintenance Manual



Airtronic Heater Parts

ESPAR 12V D2 Airtronic Heater Kit

D4 Airtronic Heater Kit W/ 12V Digi Max Controller

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